Highly Capable Differentiation & Identification

The Nomination Period for students in grades 1-5 ends January 15th. See more information below.

Highly Capable (Hi-Cap) Differentiation is supported by the district adopted curriculum, teacher instruction and the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). Hi-Cap is for students that meet or exceed the 90th percentile ranking on multiple assessments for both math and reading in the Richland School District. A magnet program, called QUEST, is offered grades three through five at Lewis & Clark Elementary. QUEST Highly Capable students are offered positions based upon rank-order standing in the district.


At Orchard, we offer highly-capable identified students accommodations and services that are selected from a menu of options by teachers. Highly-capable students will receive instruction requiring more complex skills with a deeper and broader understanding of content. 

We have no separate classroom or instructor for our students identified as Hi-Cap. Rather, our highly capable identified students are served mostly via differentiation within the regular classroom. A sampling of the types of accommodations and services we offer can be found here:

We have a few after school options reserved for our students identified as Highly Capable. In 2018-2019 those will be:

  • Destination Imagination

  • Math is Cool


Kindergarten Hi-CAP Timeline

  • Sept. 1st - Nominations/Consent for current kindergarten Hi-Cap services available in School Office

  • Sept. 15th - Deadline for signed Parent Consent (F-3) for kindergarten services. Due to DISTRICT OFFICE (See below).

  • Sept. 15th-30th - Assessments


Grades 1-5 Hi-CAP Timeline

  • October 15th-January 15 -  Parents can nominate and provide consent for their child(ren) to be tested for Hi-Cap services.  Permission must be received before testing is provided. 

  • January 15 - Nomination/Consent Deadline. Due to DISTRICT OFFICE, NOT THE SCHOOL (See below). 

  • February-Mid March - Assessments

  • End of March - Notifications

To nominate your child(ren),  parents must fill in and send a consent form prior to the deadlines to:


Toni Vonderhulls

District Assessment Coordinator

Richland School District

615 Snow Avenue Richland, WA 99352

Consent forms are available in the Orchard Elementary Office.