Our Educational Philosophy

At Orchard Elementary we are motivated by this belief: students and their families hold the power to reinvent themselves and their world. They must be given the opportunity to develop a strong sense of self, a commitment to social responsibility and the academic agility needed to improve themselves and their community. Education should not be the repository of the status quo. Rather, it should be an instrument for freedom, teaching students how to deal effectively with the world and to help transform it.  


We believe in the power of the individual and the power of community. We provide rigorous academics that stress flexibility of thought as well as a social-emotional approach that emphasizes empathy amongst all members of our school community. We know that emotional intelligence is strongly correlated to success in life, both personally and professionally. We believe that the best students are complete humans. See the attached for more information on our Mission, Vision and Philosophy.


Parents’ Role


Parents will play a key role at Orchard. I want you to remember that this is your school. We welcome and need your involvement. We believe that education is a collaboration between the family and the educator. We cherish your support and will constantly look for ways we can support you. Orchard is one family tree with strong roots many branches. I look forward to working with each of you.

Caring School Community


Dear Parents & Guardians:


At Orchard we are excited to introduce a program called Caring School Community™ (CSC). This program will help us expand the culture of compassion and respect at our school. Studies show that such a culture is important for many reasons. Children who feel part of a caring school community tend to do better academically over time and may be less likely to engage in problem behaviors. People who develop strong collaborative and emotional intelligence skills are happier and more successful adults.


The CSC program provides specific lessons and activities that build community for children throughout the school day and the school year. These lessons include regular class meetings in which the teacher and students solve problems and discuss how they can make the class a place that is caring and safe for everyone. The lessons also include "buddy activities." Your child will be paired with an older or younger student "buddy" for activities once or twice a month that focus on developing friendships as well as academic skills.


You are an important part of our school community. The CSC program helps you participate in two ways. Once or twice a month, your child will bring home a Homeside Activity. These will engage you and your child in conversations about many topics. Other schoolwide activities will bring you to the school for exciting family events.


The research basis can be found here


We look forward to working with you to make our school a warm, caring place for everyone and to make this a great year for your child!



Alysia Arsanto, Principal


Before and After School Care

Provided by Boys and Girls Club

Boys & Girls Club before and after school care available on site. Visit greatclubs.org  or call 543-9980 to register today!

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August 2018

Dear Parent or Guardian of an Orchard Student:


Our fourth year at Orchard is about to begin! Welcome to all of our Orchard families to the 2018-19 school year. We look forward to collaborating with you in providing your children with the best education possible.  Please welcome our new assistant principal, Sean Langdon, to the Orchard family. 


Through the summer, many of our teachers have used the break to gain training in various disciplines.  Parent volunteers have completed work around the school and our custodians, have worked hard cleaning up the school and getting it ready for another year.  


Our professional goals for 2018-19 include:

  • Continuing to implement Balanced Literacy, specifically Readers & Writers Workshop in all classrooms, as well as implementing the new district adopted ELA curriculum, Benchmark and ReadyGen. 

  • Continuing to implement Common Core Math, specifically: Constructing Viable Arguments & Critique the Reasoning of Others; Making Sense of Problems and Persevere Solving Them; Modeling with Mathematics

  • Continuing to use Caring School Community resources to sustain a welcoming and sound social-emotional learning environment.

  • Orchard teachers and staff have now been Kids at Hope trained.  Kids at Hope is a belief system that gives all students and adults HOPE.  We are committed to finding success in our students each and every day.  All children are capable of success, NO EXCEPTIONS!

  • Continuing to provide a welcoming environment for all of our Orchard Families!


I have an open door policy and encourage open communication.  However, I am not always in my office.  I spend time, as needed, with teachers and students. If you would like to speak with me, please schedule a time with Mrs. Keenan and Mrs. Flohr, our school secretaries.   

For any concerns about your child’s class, I encourage you to first contact your child’s teacher. She/he will be in the best position to help you.  Please ask questions and communicate concerns so that we can build a partnership which will ensure student success.

Since we recognize that parents are their children's most important teachers, we need your cooperation and involvement to provide them with the best education possible. Your interest and concern in your child’s school progress, and the learning they receive at home, will motivate them to do their best.



Alysia Arsanto

Principal, Orchard Elementary







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Co-Vice President


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Co-Vice President


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